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Low-cost sack packs

Costs like a beer in the pub, but lasts for much longer.

What are the sack packs for?

A sack pack is a small bag that you can hold in your hand or on your back. It`s good for training, gym, away game or even school.

How are Low-cost sack packs made?

We make them of strong cloth, same as in fence flags, so both sides, front and back, are fully printable in high resolution. Colors are durable; they will not fade in sunlight. Strong cords on both sides are used to close the sack pack and as shoulder straps.
If your sack pack is empty, you can make it flat and sit on it and not worry if it gets dirty. It`s easy to wash in a machine or by hand. 60 degrees water is not a problem.

If you want a sack pack with lining and inside pocket, please check sack packs.

Questions and Answers:

Sack pack is reversible?

Yes, and both sides are equal.

Are they waterproof?

They are but for light rain. Sack packs are made of B1 fabric, so also fire retardant.

Can you make them in other sizes?

Sure we can. This is production from scratch, so we make everything; just email us.


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