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Our stickers are printed on paper with strong glue. We changed our production completely in late 2020 and since then the whole production is digital, not offset anymore.
Thanks to that we make 100% exact colors and keep even the smallest details.
Optionally stickers can be coated with UV lacquer, which gives them a nice shiny look and protects colors from fading on sunlight.
Stickers are one of the favorite gadgets of ultras but can be also a funny element, or signal sign in your company.
It is also a good idea to make some stickers when you go for travel to mark visited places or make a gift to people you meet.
The minimum order is 125 pieces per design, so you can make few designs and make a set of them. You can also make your own bumper stickers for example.

Your imagination is the limit.

How to prepare a file to be sure, that printed stickers will be exactly like the preview?

1. Max size of sticker is 32 x 47 cm, minimum 4 x 4 cm.
2. Your file should be CMYK. It can be RGB, but colors can be slightly different. If you are a professional designer, please use CMYK ISO Coated FOGRA39L colors profile to be sure the print will be identical.
3. If you can, please add 300dpi 1:1 file.
4. You can upload: JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, BMP, GIF only. If you have CDR, AI, or PDF files please convert them to any quality JPG to upload and email us your order number with original files. CDR files up to 17.0 version.
5. You need to remember about our safe area - important elements should be minimum of 3mm from the edge of your sticker.
6. If you have a frame in your design, please be sure it's min. 2mm thick.
7. You should upload a project without bleeds, but you can add 2mm on each side if you are professional. Just write in additional info, that they are included to file.


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