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+/- 1-2cm,
Dimensions are in centimeters



From now on, you can log in to our website and use the full features of your account, such as repeating orders, storing image files, saving your address data to the basket or using the partner program.

Soon it will also be possible to chat with your current order.






Why to register: repeating orders



Here you will find your past products. If you click any of them, you will have a generator filled with all elements and options.

At your account panel you can find all your previous orders, from last 3 years.

By one click on product, you will open new generator with all changes from your product. You can change quantity and sizes of this product.

Why to register: storing image files



Here you can add your files to use them later on the website. For example, if you have files on your desktop and want to order later on your mobile.

You can add files from your computer or review all files you used before.

You can use those files in every generator from our website, so many times you wish.

Why to register: saving address data



Here you can set your default info so you won`t need to fill in delivery details in your basket.

Also you can fill address form at your account panel. You will do it once, and you can clear or change your data at any moment.

From now on, every time you will be logged, you can skip our SHIPPING DETAILS panel. If you want to do one time change, no problem, it will be overwritten this time. Simply and quickly.

Why to register: Discounts



All vouchers, discounts and loyalty programs you have received will be here.

Why to register: Your order chat



We are still working on that, in this section you will have possibility to write message or note exactly to your order. We will see it immediately and reply much quicker than to an email.





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